09 Aug Challenges of Small Solar Rooftop Projects


Challenges of Small On-Grid Solar Rooftop Projects

Rays Rooftop, focuses on rooftop projects of all capacity size. From last few months, we have started focusing on the home segment, commissioning 30+ homes in Rajasthan & many more to come.

The challenges of home segment solar which restrict many solar players to enter this segment are:

1. Lack of awareness among Customers, making it difficult to make them understand solar technology.
2. The low-profit margin for EPC companies.
3. Site condition, space inadequacy & poor infrastructure.
4. The high upfront cost involved in putting up the solar system on rooftops. Hence, cost remains higher for many consumers (especially household).

We decided to overcome the above challenges by:

1. Establishing a practice and a benchmark for distributed energy generation, rooftop solar systems.
2. Streamline policy, regulatory, legal and commercial aspects for mainstreaming solar rooftops ion the state.
3. Encourage public participation and awareness.
4. Providing subsidized plans to all our customers, so they do not have to worry about availing their subsidy from the government.


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