Commercial and industrial solar

Solar power your company

Does your company have commercial properties at its disposal? Then turning a profit while contributing to a greener planet with solar panels is only a small step away.

As long as the conditions are right, Rays Rooftop delivers an all-inclusive solution with our energy contract, batteries, and charging stations for your employees’ electric vehicles. Solar panels reduce energy costs and with Rays Rooftop your surplus always turns a profit.

We do all the work for you

An experienced organization and a solid track record makes Rays Rooftop a perfect partner for your organization’s solar solution. The entire process – from the first plans to the finished project – is handled by our own experienced teams.

Available surface, building type, and roof angle all affect preconditions at your property. That’s why Rays Rooftop has three different kinds of solar panels – and that’s why we need to visit your premises before we can give a professional and calculated proposal for how your business can optimize its investment in solar energy.

The sun is good business

The shift towards solar power makes sense in the business world, too. In the short run the solar panels on your roof mean savings and profits from a never-ending, green energy source. In the long run we can all – literally – get on with “business as usual”. That is the power of solar power.

Today most companies have realized that energy consumption as well as doing business must be a renewable affair and that we all must contribute to a greener planet. You are in good company.

Own Your Power