05 Oct Implementation of Generation based Incentives in Delhi

Implementation of Generation-based Incentive approved by Delhi Cabinet under Mukhyamantri Solar Power Scheme.

The Mukhyamantri Solar Power Scheme
1. This scheme offers 5 years subsidies on electricity bills for group housing societies & individual consumers installing rooftop solar panels.
2. Under this scheme, the Delhi Govt. will provide a GBI of Rs 2/unit against the initial solar power generation cost of Rs 3/unit. In effect, the consumer will pay just Rs 1/unit for 5 years.
3. The disbursal of GBI will be half-yearly by DISCOM.
4. To participate in the scheme, the group housing societies will not have to pay the installation costs, it will be borne by the company.
5. The cost of solar power will depend on the space provided by the society for the installation of solar panels.
6. If the society provides more space for solar panels than its requirement, they will get the further reduction in the price of solar power.

Solar Rooftop Demand Aggregation Program
This aggregation program is for a residential, schools, hospitals, and municipal segments customers with an expected aggregated demand of 40 MW using the RESCO model.

Delhi aims to generate 1GW by 2020 & 2GW by 2025 through rooftop solar installation.

* GBI- Generation based incentives
* Discom – Distribution companies that supply power to the consumer.
* RESCO Model – the Renewable Energy Service Company

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