21 Sep Limitations in India’s net metering policy & approval process


Inconsistency in India’s net metering policy & approval process is an obstacle for achieving 40 GW rooftop target by 2022.

Few challenges of net metering policies in India are:

a. Most states net metering policies have an upper limit (usually 1 MW) on the size of a rooftop solar project restricting the development of rooftop solar.
b. In Gujarat, consumers are not allowed to choose a third party owned installation.
c. In states such as Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Gujarat the approval process lasts between three to six months.
d. In many states, DISCOM officers are not aware of net metering.
e. In Tamil Nadu, the state does not permit net metering connections for HT consumers.
f. In some states, developers are forced for safety approvals for projects that are not even required to be approved in the first place.

Though there are a lot of issues in different states of India that is affecting India’s Rooftop Solar Sector. The positive side of the news is that many states such as Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Rajasthan Net-Metering Policy are streamlined and the approval process takes 25 days to 30 days.
Moreover, Karnataka is actively working towards the improvement of the process for net metering approval as well.

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