Rajasthan has solar energy potential of 5762 MW



Jaipur Airport 100KW   Rajasthan Project photo



Rajasthan comes among the top states in Solar development in India because of its favorable geographical conditions and strategic location. Factors that Rajasthan is the best destination for Solar Development, It is the Largest State of India (Area – 3,42,269 km2), One of the best solar radiation in the world (Solar radiation – 6 -7 kWh/m2/ day), Maximum sunny days in an year (Greater than 325), Abundant underutilized flat land (Around 208,110 Km2 – 60% of total area).


Considering all these factors, Rays Rooftop Headquarters resides in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. We have executed more than 100 rooftop projects in Rajasthan of capacity in MW.

Few of our projects are Jodhpur Airport, Jaipur Airport, MNIT College, SKIT College, Rajasthan Patrika & many more.




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