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1. Consultation

We study & analyze your electricity bill then suggest the optimum solar capacity as per your energy needs for your establishments and also the amount of savings you can make. We will also answer your every question and clear your doubts regarding solar power and how it helps you.

2. Site Visit and Design

Our site engineer will visit and survey your roof and provide a feasibility report of the site. We then decide whether solar power plant can be set up on your roof. If feasible then our Design team will work on the design of plant customized according to your roof and requirements.

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proposal and sales closure

3. Proposal and Sales closure

We submit the techno-commercial proposal based on the feasibility report of the site. Then we obtain the purchase order from the client.

4. Permission & Approvals

Our liasioning team will work on getting all the requisite permissions and legal approvals from the concerned departments. We also help you to get solar rooftop subsidy, if applicable.

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Procurement and Supply

5. Procurement & Supply

Our Procurement team will purchase the requisite material for the project and stores that in our warehouses. Then as per the requirement, we supply the material from our warehouses to the site.

6. Installation & Execution

After the supply of material to the site, the solar rooftop installation work will starts. Our installation team executes the project in the committed time period.

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7. Commissioning

After the execution of the project, our team of engineers gets the plant inspected, tested  & commissioned by the concerned departments of the DISCOM. Plant starts generating clean and green energy as soon as it started.

8. Maintenance & Monitoring

Now, the plant is live and generating clean and renewable energy. Our engineer will now explain to the customer regarding the upkeep and maintenance of the power plant. You can also check the generation on your phone via our Rays Experts App.

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