Tamil Nadu Solar Policy Draft 2018

25 Sep Tamil Nadu Solar Policy Draft 2018


Tamil Nadu Solar Policies 2018

Tamil Nadu Solar Policies 2018

Tamil Nadu, the 5th among India’s top solar installation states has issued a draft solar energy policy, 2018 and is open for comments. This draft is applicable for Projects, programs and installations related to Solar PV & Solar Thermal energy.

The policy consists:
1. TN solar installation target is 8.9GW by 2022 where 40% is expected to be met by rooftop segment.

2. Solar energy will be free of electricity tax, grid connectivity, open access, wheeling, banking & cross-subsidy charges.

3. The mandate for all public buildings to run on 30% solar energy by 2022.

4. Streetlights & water supply installation of corporations, municipalities and local urban bodies need to meet 30% of their energy requirements from solar energy by 2022.

5. Replacement of 10% of state government departments vehicle to electric vehicle by 2022.

6. Incentive programs for farmers to promote solar energy generation in the agricultural sector.

7. The land will be identified for the development of solar manufacturing to encourage the manufacture of solar energy components such as solar cells, inverters, mounting structures and batteries in the state.

8. An incentive program will be designed to promote the co-utilization of land for solar energy projects, crop cultivation, and rainwater harvesting.

9. From April 2019 onwards, all new service connection meters in TN will be a bi-directional meter.

10. ECBC compliance guidelines to be followed while installation of Solar PV and solar thermal energy systems by the buildings who require ECBC compliant certificate.
Tamil Nadu had installed 2.2 GW so far and aims to establish an ecosystem that translates the country’s solar energy vision.

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